Part 2

Hey guys, here’s part 2.

Let me know if you’re enjoying my story

-X Lola, The Pizza Therapist

So one day, I was in the locker room of our school and Ryan was there too, with another guy who I didn’t know. So I, being the talkative person I am, started talking to them, I can’t really remember what about, but I remember asking both of them “Do you guys even know what my name is?” Ryan’s friend said “Umm.. Is it Leila?” Ryan then asked “Lola right?” I replied by saying “You’re right” looking at Ryan, and then turned to his friend “You’re wrong” And I simply smiled and walked away.

A few weeks later, our grade went on a trip to Paris, that’s when I really started liking him. We were underneath the Eiffel Tower, we had just gotten off it. It was really windy and we were really cold, I was with my friend Tessa, she and I were talking about how we really wished we had a guy who could hug us and keep us warm. Anyway this gave Tessa the great idea to dare me to go up to Ryan (he was the first guy Tessa could think of, what a coincidence) and ask him to hug me. And of course, me being the daredevil I am, did it. I slowly walked up to Ryan, who was talking to his guy friends, wearing this really cool leather jacket and his hair swirling because of the wind. I asked him shyly “Could you hug me real quick?” turning back to see Tessa giggling at me and thinking how I was actually doing this, honestly to me it wasn’t that much of a big deal, I mean it was just a hug, after all. “Are you cold or something?” he asked me. “Yeah, kind of” I said with a small grin. “Sure” he said simply.

Then he hugged me.

It was such a great hug, I wanted it to last forever.


Part 1

Hey guys,

so here it is, the long awaited ‘surprise’

hope you enjoy!

X- J&L

Hey guys, it’s Lola

I’m just tired of everything…you know?

I can’t help it, I just don’t know how to get over him. It’s impossible.


You’re probably wondering who he is right?

Well I’m about to tell you the whole story, so I’m very sorry, but this post is gonna be very long.

The first time I saw him, he didn’t mean anything to me, I didn’t even know his name. I mean I thought he was cute, but it’s not like I was in love with him or anything.

After a few weeks, I noticed his smile, and how perfect his teeth are, like I swear, I have never seen such a beautiful smile. He would always smile to me when he passed by me. Even if he didn’t know me. Sure, at the time I thought it was no big deal, but now I swear his smile means everything to me. His name is Ryan, in case you were wondering. He has brown hair, brown eyes, he has those kind of eye brows that sort of meet in the middle, he’s quite tall and pretty skinny, no I wouldn’t consider him as “hot”, but he’s better than that, like something about him just makes my heart beat and my head spin.

Freedom of speech

Hey guys, Jade here.

Today, i want to address a very serious issue, the violation of freedom of speech. As you all know, a disastrous, inhuman event has taken place in Paris.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 6.41.35 PM

Charlie Hebdomadaire, or hebdo for short, is a weekly Satirical magazine.

Why is that in bold? simply because a satirical magazine is one who jokes, and generally makes fun of us, humans, our politicians, our world, religion… EVERYTHING.

It is not criticising, just amusing. I admit, some satirical magazines have quite harsh jokes. But in places like America, Italy, France and Australia ( and so on…) we  have a little thing called freedom of speech. People are allowed to express their thoughts, and if someone doesn’t agree, then so be it. They could write a letter to the company, or take it to court, but NO.  How could we let it come to this?

The cartoonists were shot because of a witty remark.

We are democracies. We have the right to speak. We have the right to speak our minds.

Je suis Charlie, Paris est Charlie, America is Charlie, L’Italia é Charlie… 

We are saying enough. Stop the terrorism, stop the injustice.


Unknown-1 Charlie_New_Yorker


These are magazine covers, artworks and signs that numerous countries have made to show their respects to France.

Everyone is sick of this, hence the historic parade a few days ago.

Lastly, I would like to say something regarding our stereotypes. Most of us believe that all Australians are kangaroo fanatics, Asians are geniuses, the United Kingdom are snobby royalty and muslim/arabs are terrorists. That is 100% false. Each and everyone is different and can make their own choices. I have personally been stereotyped similarly.

Please raise awareness, and be respectful.

Until the next time,

X Jade, The Pizza Therapist

Hey! I’m Lola

Hey guys, it’s Lola. So I’m going to tell you a bit about myself….

First of all I just want to get something straight, I am not perfect. Okay? And I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone is in this world. Everyone is unique in their own way and that is what I think is important.

I look, I guess, like a pretty normal teenage girl. Brown hair, greenish blue eyes (it depends on the light), I’m not fat, but I am definitely not skinny either. All the girls in my grade are, in my opinion, models. Models! Don’t get me wrong, I love each and every one of them and they are all incredibly nice. But, sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in, even though I’m not bullied or anything. No one really is in our school, it’s just not our thing I guess.

I have a lot of things to tell you, some stories will be hard to write about, but others are hilarious. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! Let’s just say that I’m in a bit of a difficult situation…

Tell you more about it next time.

X Lola, the other pizza therapist

Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! I just wanted to say happy new year to you all.

Wow. 2015. I am ecstatic for the new year, and everyone has already posted their usual comments :

” 2014 seems like yesterday!”

“eww I haven’t showered since last year!”

The list goes on and on.

I am currently in the mountains, enjoying the snow, although there isn’t much. Thank you global warming.

But I can’t complain. The slopes here are amazing.

I couldn't get over this picture I took this morning...

I couldn’t get over this picture I took this morning…

The fire is warm and toasty.

I WILL be roasting marshmallows later this evening.

I WILL be roasting marshmallows later this evening.

I hope you are having wonderful holidays!

X The Pizza Therapist

Hey Everyone!

Hey guys! So I just wanted to create this post as a welcome message. This is my blog, where I will talk about lots of different things, including any requests you have. Speak to you soon!

x The Pizza Therapist