Freedom of speech

Hey guys, Jade here.

Today, i want to address a very serious issue, the violation of freedom of speech. As you all know, a disastrous, inhuman event has taken place in Paris.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 6.41.35 PM

Charlie Hebdomadaire, or hebdo for short, is a weekly Satirical magazine.

Why is that in bold? simply because a satirical magazine is one who jokes, and generally makes fun of us, humans, our politicians, our world, religion… EVERYTHING.

It is not criticising, just amusing. I admit, some satirical magazines have quite harsh jokes. But in places like America, Italy, France and Australia ( and so on…) we  have a little thing called freedom of speech. People are allowed to express their thoughts, and if someone doesn’t agree, then so be it. They could write a letter to the company, or take it to court, but NO.  How could we let it come to this?

The cartoonists were shot because of a witty remark.

We are democracies. We have the right to speak. We have the right to speak our minds.

Je suis Charlie, Paris est Charlie, America is Charlie, L’Italia é Charlie… 

We are saying enough. Stop the terrorism, stop the injustice.


Unknown-1 Charlie_New_Yorker


These are magazine covers, artworks and signs that numerous countries have made to show their respects to France.

Everyone is sick of this, hence the historic parade a few days ago.

Lastly, I would like to say something regarding our stereotypes. Most of us believe that all Australians are kangaroo fanatics, Asians are geniuses, the United Kingdom are snobby royalty and muslim/arabs are terrorists. That is 100% false. Each and everyone is different and can make their own choices. I have personally been stereotyped similarly.

Please raise awareness, and be respectful.

Until the next time,

X Jade, The Pizza Therapist


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